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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tote Bag for Library Books

     Well, sewing is not my area of expertise, but I am enjoying the learning process. I posted my Boo Boo Bears earlier. I'm pretty proud of them because I created my own pattern and they turned out exactly as I dreamed up. Best of all, my children sleep with them every night.
     I have had quite a few new projects dancing around in my head, but my limited knowledge of my sewing machine has held me back. I have a decent, basic machine, but it has been in the the sewing shop a few times. First, I could NOT figure out why my thread would bunch up in my bobbin holder. The case for the bobbin actually broke, and my husband ordered a new part online to fix it. I threaded and rethreaded, looked at the owners manual, searched online for answers, but nothing worked. Finally I brought it in and learned that there are bobbins that are shorter and taller. My machine has a drop-in bobbin, so it needs the shorter ones. I bought new ones, and they were the wrong kind! Well, at least it was an easy fix.
     At the store, I was admiring the new machines with all the bells and whistles. Maybe I'll get one of those when I get into sewing, I thought. They even give you lessons on how to use your machine. "That's perfect for me. I don't know a thing about sewing," I told them as I was trying to lift my machine and balance it in one arm, as my son was sleeping in the other. The shop owner lifted a little handle on top of the machine and handed it to me. She pats my back and says, "It'll be ok, Honey." I didn't even know how to carrie my machine. It was so funny. I laughed myself through the parking lot.
     My latest trip there was for the bobbin again. I was trying to make the shirt skirt, and it caught and popped the bobbin casing right out of my machine. This time my husband came with and they showed him how to put the piece back in.
     Well, now it's up and running and I'm so excited because I created my own pattern again! Really, it's very basic and I'm sure there are actual patterns out there just like it. This time my kiddies picked out two fabrics each for the outside and the inside of their bags for carrying their library books. They just love them and I'm pretty proud. Nothing special to someone who sews, but it feels like quite an accomplishment to me. Just don't look too carefully at my sewing. Probably not as perfect as yours!

     I'd be happy to share my pattern if you'd like to make a bag too. It is reversible and the perfect size for library books and for little ones to carry on a shoulder or in their hands. (Unless the bag gets filled with lots of books. Then Mom get to carry it.)


  1. lovely but i am no seamstress at all.
    would like a tutorial for it :-)

  2. Thank you, Anto! If I can do it, anyone can. I'll work on a tutorial for you. :)

  3. Don't kid yourelf, you're pretty darn good at sewing!