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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CSAs and Peppermint Tea

Have you heard of CSAs? It means Community Sustained Agriculture.

I love my CSA! We pay for a share of the crops and receive a good bushel-sized share of locally-grown organic food each week. This year I am loving the addition of the fresh boquets of flowers and the pick-your-own items.

The kids are crazy about making peppermint tea with the mint leaves. It is so easy and is a very refreshing, caffine-free drink.
Here is the recipe:

Peppermint Tea

Very hot water
15-20 mint leaves

Steep for a few minutes. Remove leaves. Drink cold.

How simple is that! I have been using my 8 cup measuring bowl to heat water in the microwave. The kids pull the leaves off of the stems and place them into a bowl. I dump and stir the leaves into the steaming water where they steep for a few minutes. After fishing out the leaves, we fill our glasses with ice and pour in the tea. Then it's time to drink the cold, minty goodness. Ahhhh!

I will try to attach a picture (that includes the peonies from the CSA as well) of the mint leaves steeping in the hot water...

I did it! :)

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